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Spiritual Growth

There are treasures in our walk with God beyond what we could even image, if we will only press deeper into Him. And for those who want nothing more, we plot out the broad strokes of this way, to help you navigate the journey.



While every person's journey with God is as unique as they are, we can still recognise a general progression by which God moves us steadily deeper with Him. Just like a child learns to sit, then crawl, then stand, then run, so we pass certain landmark along our spiritual journey.

Along the way our understanding of God's principals deepen. Faith means one thing to us after conversion, it means far more when we become courageous Christians, and it takes on even fuller and richer meaning when we reach maturity. The same goes for our understanding of all the Christian truths.

In this section, we offer all the help we can, to those who desperately seek the deeper things.


Phases of Growth

Phase One


Once we have passed through the threshold of becoming a Christian (which we discussed in our A Walk with God section, we enter a beautifully enjoyable phase of our walk.

When God ​begins to prepare us for moving into deeper spiritual waters, He brings us into a process which forms a bridge between this phase of Christianity and the next one.

Phase Two


The faith and experience we gain from growing through the previous trial, turns us into God's mighty warriors, these are the men and woman who boldly charge ahead as the leaders of the church.

If we long to draw even closer to God, He will lead us to more secret places. Here, we become quiet with Him, as we search deep wells to find our way forward.

Phase Three



Tempered by the trials we have passed through, we become God's wise sages. These are a rare breed – the meek and mature ones who's faith runs very deep.

For those who will offer their all to God, there is a secret treasure, as special place God tucks away behind a veil of glory. He longs to draw us in to this most sacred of places with Him.

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