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The Living Word


The Bible is the richest, most fascinating, most singular book in all of history. In this section we explore everything from its history to its teachings. Once you have been through this, you will not only have a richer understanding of its message but also a deeper appreciation of its extraordinary nature.

Understanding the message of each book
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The framework of our relationship with God
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How did we get the Bible & can we trust it?
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Beginning your journey with the Bible
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How to interpret the Bible
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What does God expect from us?
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Helping the history come alive
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The Uniqueness of the Bible

How the Bible stands absolutely alone 
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The Bible tends to be an intimidating book. Not only is it long, its language is strange and it has a habit of confronting us in sometimes uncomfortable ways. Then there is the fact that so many people interpret it in different ways, so who is to know what the Bible is really trying to teach us. 

This section aims to address a number of common struggles people face when approaching he Bible.


Books of the Bible: Our first button will take you through the New Testament books, and help make them easier to understand. First we offer a short background to the book, then we make a summary (a Short-Phrase) of the whole book, so you can get an idea of it's basic message. Then we mention things of historical interest about that particular book. And in some cases we also off a full, in-depth walk-through the message of the book.  

Study Methods & Tools: For those ready to delve into Bile study for themselves, we offer some help here. We mention the principals of interpreting text, the Bible dictionary tools for discovering the meaning of words used in the original language the text was written in, and we walk through three different methods of getting into the Bible.

The Covenants: This discussion explains why there is such a big difference between the Old and the New Testament of the Bible. Spiritually speaking, when Jesus Christ came, there was a fundamental shift in the way God approached His chosen people. This affects everything about our relationship and approach to God. So we high recommend that everyone take the trouble to read this piece.

The Law & the New Testament: This discussion builds further on the discussion about the Covenants, and shows how the change of covenant has impacted God's expectations on His children. There tends to be some confusion amongst Christians as to the law of the New Testament. This page lays out the Bible's teaching on the subject. 

History of the Bible: The Bible is an extraordinary book. Not just because of what it teaches, but also because of its singular power to confront and expose the enemy of God. As such, it has been a threat to the agents of darkness from the very beginning. As a result, a 2000 year war has waged against the Bible – and still she stands. In this piece we not only prove that the Bible has survived in tact, but also explain the great war that has raged against it. 

Timelines & Maps: To bring the stories of the Bible to life, we offer a selection of maps and a timeline to help us put all the pieces together.

Bible Basics: For those approaching the Bible for the very first time, we offer a selection of quick answers to common questions which arise.

Uniqueness of the Bible: In our final piece, we show the vast divide which exists between the Bible and every other text in human history. In every way, the Bible is a book that stands absolutely alone. If the world was less hostile to the message and the God of the Bible, it would openly admit that this single book has no equal. There is a mountain of proof to support that statement, but very few who care to examine the facts.

May you be truly blessed as you discover the most extraordinary book in all the world.

What to expect
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