There is a vast wealth of riches to be found in the lives and teachings of God's faithful men. This page offers sermons we believe will enrich your walk, your understanding and your love for the Lord. Enjoy!

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Our first selection of clips are sermons of a brother in Christ named Paul Washer. A man who (like any we might add to this page), shows the marks of one who has been in the throne-room of God. The very first video will show precisely what we mean by that. These men are driven by a passion for the Lord which runs so deep, they happily waste themselves on Him. In the words of A.W. Tozer they are those: "who have been pierced with the arrow of infinite desire, who yearn for God with a yearning that has overcome them, who long with a longing that has become pain."
In our day and age it seems most preachers have given in to the itching ears of men (2 Timothy 4:3), preaching words which comfort their audience instead of conforming their flock to the image of Christ. Paul Washer is a rare champion of God's truth in a day of compromise.
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Most of those men who's sermons we would love to post here have gone home many years ago already. That makes it almost impossible to find video footage of them and their sermons. So we post the few audio sessions we are privileged enough to have access to. A.W. Tozer is amongst those rare men of history who stood for God's truth and declared it from the rooftops no matter how well or badly men thought of him. His gravestone has the perfect inscription. It simply says, "A.W. Tozer – A man of God".